Asked Questions

How will I know if it is the right time to move into Aura Resort?

There are many reasons why people decide to move into an independent living apartment, and it varies from person to person. Generally, people are ready to move into Aura when they are ready for a lifestyle change, such as downsizing to a more manageable home. Most residents tell us they made the decision because they wanted to make the most of their retirement through the benefits of a maintenance-free home, freedom to come and go as they please, security and friendly staff on hand 24 hours a day and the comfort and peace of mind that comes with a vibrant and safe community environment. We often hear that retirement village residents wish that had moved in sooner.



Why would I choose independent living over my own home?

Aura sets a new standard in retirement living in the West of Adelaide. We have built and designed this resort to a five star hotel living standard and contemporary setting. Whilst living in an Aura independent living apartment, you don’t have to worry about the repair and maintenance of your home or garden because we’ll manage it for you. This allows you more time to do the things you enjoy.

You can relish in the security of a like-minded community, along with freedom to come and go as you please. Aura has state of the art security systems in place to ensure your safety as well as on site staff 24 hours a day for any assistance your require.

Aura has its own unique lifestyle facilities and lifestyle clubs that include a Fine Dining Restaurant, Sports Bar, Cafe, Pool, Gymnasium, Cinema, Bowling Green, Billiards, Golf Simulator, Library and Business Hub with free Wi-Fi, and even a Men’s Shed.

You can also access our innovative health and wellbeing programs, as well as have fresh food delivered to your apartment, or sit back and relax whilst one of our highly trained staff clean your apartment or do your laundry.



Who can live at Aura Findon?

Aura by Livewell Communities is for retirees or individuals over 55 years that can live independently or with some day to day assistance.



Who owns and operates Aura by Livewell Communities?

Aura at Findon is owned by Livewell Communities Pty Ltd, a family owned Adelaide based property developer group. The operator is Exquisite Now Pty Ltd who have significant years’ of experience in operating Hotels and Retirement Villages around Australia.



Purchasing an Apartment at Aura

What am I paying for?

The payment gives you a ‘Licence to Occupy’ and your interest in the unit is secured by a lifetime lease. Livewell Communities maintains the title ownership of the property, the Retirement Village Act and the Residence Contract protects your tenure.

The rights and obligations of residents are clearly set out in the lease and cannot be changed without the residents’ consent. This means that although the residents do not have the title to their unit, each resident will have the exclusive right to occupy their unit for his or her lifetime if they wish, subject only to certain exceptions set out in the Retirement Village Act.

Livewell Communities has a long-term interest in the on-going success of all properties and as a result, it is committed to maintaining a high standard of facilities and services for you to enjoy.



What is a ‘Licence to Occupy’?

Aura by Livewell Communities operates on a licence to occupy agreement. The licence is the formal contract between Aura and you and sets out all the conditions and responsibilities of both parties.

You are free to terminate your licence when you choose. Aura requires appropriate notice as outlined in the Deed.



Do I own my apartment?

A licence to occupy gives you an on-going licence to live in your apartment. This does not mean you own the property, however, you do have a licence to live there and this long-term lease provides you with similar rights as a freehold title and you have full occupation rights in respect to your apartment.



What’s included in my new apartment at Aura?

Quality floor coverings with under floor heating in bedrooms and ensuites, energy efficient light fittings, European appliances, quality window treatments throughout the apartment with 100% block out in bedrooms, reverse ducted air conditioning, video intercom, keyless entry to individual apartments, large format tiles to kitchen and entrances, phone and data points, soundproofing where required and energy efficient glazing.



Is there Stamp Duty payable?

The great benefit about moving into a Retirement Village in South Australia is stamp duty is not payable. The South Australian Village Act 2016 ensures your rights are protected.



I am buying off the plan, how does this work?

  1. Choose from 27 beautifully appointed 1, 2 & 3 bed room apartments. Our sales team can discuss each of the apartments available and assist in selecting what apartment best suits your lifestyle.
  2. Register your interest in your selected apartment. Agreement to enter a Deed of Loan and Licence (2 copies) will be forward to you within 24 hours. The signed agreements should be returned to Aura following the allowable 14 day review period, together with the payment of a fully refundable $5,000 reservation fee. Ensure you seek independent advice during this time from your solicitor and/or accountant before formalising your purchase. The most important factor for Aura is that you feel comfortable with the arrangements and as such, we urge you to discuss it with friends, family and advisors.
  3. After your solicitor and/or accountant has had time to review the contracts, you will need to execute two agreements; an agreement to lease, which confirms your intent to proceed at the time of occupancy is available and a residence contract which governs the terms of the lease and confirms your rights and entitlements.
  4. You will be advised well in advance of the completion date of your apartment and when to plan the move. The contracts will be settled when your apartment is ready to move into. The balance of the agreed purchase price is payable on settlement, after which you can begin living in your new apartment at Aura.



When do we move in?

The first construction stage of Aura is Platinum Tower (building 1) which will include the community centre and other facilities as outlined on the plans. The expected build time for Platinum Tower is 15 months before it is ready for occupation. We know that most residents will be selling their existing properties prior to moving in to Aura. We will work with you during the construction phase and expected completion date to ensure you have plenty of time to market, sell and settle your current property.



Is a car park included? And who can use it?

Yes, one car park space per apartment is included free. Family and friends may use your car park when visiting. There are also visitor car parks available at the entrance of Aura.



Can I use my car park to store other items such as boats, trailer?

Yes, if the item fits within the car space. If you wish to turn your unit into a storage space, we can assist, but all costs associated with this will be charged to the resident.



Is storage already available?

Yes, a storage cage will be available as part of the carpark area. Aura also offers off site storage with business partner Epic Storage at a discounted rate.



What happens if I want to sell my apartment?

You are free to vacate your apartment when you choose. Upon leaving, the apartment will be resold by Aura and another licence granted to the new occupant.



Why are there ingoing and deferred fees?

The ingoing contribution model was originally set up in the interest of retirees by public-minded people. One reason it exists is so people without a lot of money can live in a higher quality, age-adaptive environment with amenities that wouldn’t be affordable to them otherwise.

Deferred fees are much like a club membership at sporting clubs, only in a retirement village that are deferred until such time as you leave your apartment. The deferred fee system is in effect a “use now – pay later” arrangement. It is a method to reduce the incoming and outgoing living costs when purchasing a property with such extensive communal facilities and management systems. The payment is deferred until the end of the ownership to allow residents more flexibility and improved cash flow throughout their time living at Aura by Livewell.

The fee is calculated as a percentage of the value of your apartment lease at re-sale and is payable at settlement. The fee is calculated as follows:-

  • For a period between 90 days and one year – 10% of the resale value
  • For a period of 2 years or less than 1 year – 15%
  • For a period of 3 years or less than 2 years – 20%
  • For a period of 4 years or less than 3 years – 25%
  • For a period greater than 4 years – 30%

It must be noted, in the event you exercise your right to leave Aura within the 90-days settling in period, 100% of your original loan will be refunded upon relicencing of the apartment. However, you will be required to pay a market related weekly rental until the apartment is relicensed. The weekly rental is determined by an independent property valuer.

One of the most comforting options about leaving Aura is all capital gains on resale will be paid to you after the deferred fees have been paid.

Typically, the deferred fees are used by Livewell Communities for the following items:

  • The initial funding of the communal areas
  • Recovery of funding for infrastructure and utilities requirements
  • Recovery of upfront expenses
  • Funds to assist in the payment of Livewell Communities future business expenses such as staff training, research, professional membership fees
  • Income to allow a high standard of ongoing asset management for the village, which in the long run will assist in maximising the return for both Aura and the residents at the village.



Does Aura have a Capital Replacement Fund or Reselling Fee?

Unlike other villages, at Aura, we have made the financials very straight forward to ensure there are no hidden costs at the end of your tenure with Aura (there will be no reselling fees (except for a one off sales commission of $3,000). There is no on-going Capital Replacement Fund or refurbishment costs on exit (unless wilful damage by the resident has occurred). Aura will manage all replacement of capital, if new equipment is required, it will be discussed with the residents committee and surplus from the weekly membership fees can be used if the residents wish to buy new equipment such as upgrade of TV’s, new furniture for common areas, replacement BBQ’s etc.



What other charges may apply on exit?

Any outstanding personal service fees, as well as any required non-fair wear and tear costs may also be deducted from the final pay out to ensure we get the maximum return on sale of the apartment.



Maintenance Fees – Your Livewell Membership

One of the fantastic benefits of living at Aura, is the ease of monthly budgeting and not having to worry about putting money away for expensive bills that arise from time to time. We have bundled up the common costs for maintaining your home, the communal areas and the services provided to you in the resort. We call this the “Livewell Membership”.

As a resident, you are required to pay a monthly membership fee. The fee covers the operation of the property and the services that are specifically covered in your contract. These may include:

  • Rates and taxes – e.g. council and emergency service levy
  • Security and safety measures
  • Insurance (excluding contents) of building, common areas, plant and equipment
  • Costs associated with shared spaces such as public lighting, power and light replacement
  • Access to craft and hobby activities
  • Free tuition for all varied activities held within the village
  • Access to the pool, gymnasium, bowls and associated activities
  • Access to the dining room, cafe and sports bar with friends providing fresh coffee, a la carte dining lunches, special weekly dinner events in the dining room and other celebrated events such as the Melbourne Cup, AFL Grand Final etc.
  • Access to the business centre and library including free WiFi, access to computers and printers
  • Medical consulting rooms for visiting health professionals
  • Access to Hairdresser and the wellbeing centre (haircuts at cost of residents)
  • Movie theatre room and associated costs
  • Wellbeing coordinator to organise social activities in and out of the village
  • Concierge service
  • Repairs, painting and maintenance of buildings, plant and equipment
  • Upkeep, maintenance and repairs to the grounds and gardens
  • Window cleaning of apartments and communal areas twice a year
  • Use and maintenance of all common facilities including the gym and pool
  • Administration costs and employment of village management and staff, including long service leave and superannuation obligations – administration, accounting, audit costs, 24-hour support, gardening and maintenance staff.
  • Cleaning of common areas, rubbish removal
  • Bus trips, bus maintenance and bus driver
  • Replacement of hot water services, air conditioning (installed by Livewell Communities), appliances, floor coverings that were supplied in the unit when it was first occupied by the Resident Committee.



What else will I need to pay for?

Along with the membership fee, you will be responsible for paying the following:

  • Telephone and Internet costs
  • Entertainment streaming such as Foxtel/Netflix/Stan
  • Electricity
  • Individual services such as cleaners, carers
  • Personal contents insurance



How will I be charged for council rates?

Council rates will be calculated for each apartment by the City of Charles Sturt. This amount will be charged to the resident directly.



How will I be charged for electricity and water?

As each apartment will be individually metered through a preferred embedded network provider, you will only be charged for the electricity and water applicable to your apartment.



Can I run an account for any extra services I pay for separately?

Absolutely. Much like hotels, you will be able to charge back to your apartment for services, such as dining, nursing services, allied health etc.



Are friends and family allowed to visit? Can they stay with us in our apartment?

Aura welcomes all family and friends and we encourage you to invite visitors to your home, or to have lunch or a coffee at one of our restaurants or cafe’s. Visitors can stay at your apartment because it is your home, but we do ask that you tell us if you have friends or relatives staying and that guests abide by village rules to ensure the comfort of everyone. Like all luxury 5 star hotels at all times visitors must respect the quiet enjoyment of other residents.

You can show off the amenities to your visitors and even have the grandchildren use the pool. The dining area’s and cafe’s are great meeting places at Aura, and your visitors are more than welcome to attend any special events that happen in the membership complex. Visitors and guests must be accompanied by you when using the communal facilities at Aura.

Please note residents are not able to have other persons reside permanently in their apartment.



Can we have pets at Aura?

Livewell Communities has a policy in place where by intending residents can seek permission for an existing pet to be considered when moving into an apartment on a case by case scenario. This is to ensure a clean and hygienic environment and no disruption to other residents in the facility.



Is Aura accredited?

Once the Platinum Tower is completed, we will work with relevant authorities on accrediting the resort. We feel this is important and gives residents of Aura the satisfaction that staff are competent, professional and ethical. There are 27 quality standards that need to be met in order to reach accreditation and we are confident that Aura will be accredited in the first 9 months of operation to give residents assurance of safety, happiness and security.



What staff will be hired at Aura?

A village manager will be available 5 days a week for the day to day running of the resort. There will be a 24-hour concierge service, as well as a livewell coordinator to organise all activities for the site, an executive chef, cleaners, maintenance manager and gardeners.



What else can Aura staff assist me with?

At Aura, our focus is on you, our customer, ensuring you are comfortable, safe and secure. Apart from the Club Membership, Aura has access to the following services and on site facilities at very reasonable rates:

The Cortis Bar and Grill – Named after the founder of the Findon region in 1839, boasting of both casual and fine dining experiences. There will also be a sports bar to enjoy with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy and take time out.

Medical Consulting Rooms – There will be various visiting health professionals at Aura on a weekly and daily basis. These will include a local GP, Physio, relaxation massage therapist, podiatrist, occupational therapist, remedial massage therapist, hearing specialist, exercise physiologist and a pilates/yoga instructor. There will also be a water aerobics instructor available for activities in the main pool.

Bus and Transport Service – At Aura, we will have a luxurious coach, which will offer outings for our residents. There will also be a vehicle available to take you to appointments and to visit friends and family.

In Room Dining – This is a room service type provision like any 5 star hotels offer around the world, if you do not wish to eat in the restaurant. We offer two types of room service. The first, is our Executive Chef will cook fresh from our kitchen on site from the room service menu and deliver straight to your apartment. The second is a fresh meal kit delivery (think “Hello Fresh”), where you choose your meal and we pack fresh quality ingredients, along with a recipe/instruction card and deliver to you so you can actively keep cooking the way you want.

In Room Cleaning Services – Aura have a fantastic cleaning team, who are all police checked and trained in customer service. We can provide cleaning services to your apartment for a small fee, whether it’s on a routine basis or as requested. Please see disclosure statement for pricing

Laundry Services – Aura can provide and change over fresh linen and towels as and when required at a small fee, as well as organise laundry and dry cleaning.

In Apartment Care Services such as bathing, dressing, personal services, bandaging. Aura has access to registered nurses and carers that can assist with all your wellbeing and care needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team can also aid with post surgical recovery assistance.

In Room Emergency Call System – Each apartment will have an accessible emergency response system, that covers each apartment 24 hours, 7 days a week. The system will be managed by local South Australian trusted provider RAA.

Club Memberships – Aura is working with local golf and lawn bowls clubs to partner with to enable Aura residents accessible and discounted club memberships. We are also working with universities and local schools were some residents may volunteer their time and expertise in supporting community members.

Disclaimer: Floor Plans, Interior images and artist impressions are indicative only. The information provided herein is believed to be correct, but is not guaranteed. Changes may be made during the development and dimensions, specifications and fittings may be changed without notice.